General FAQ

Look at this BNB Roadmap. It will show you what to do now, what to do next and then after that!

We have group coaching calls everyday, Monday to Friday inside our BNB Coaching Facebook Group. For a list of trainings and times go here.

Access to the BNB Coaching Program will be available to you for the full duration of your membership into the coaching program.

The best contact for our support is through email at coaching@bnbformula.com

Sure! Call or text us at 800-BNB-8586 (Mon - Fri 8AM-5PM EST).

Marketing Kit FAQ

All designs and branding belong to you for life. Course access and access to the Facebook group will be available to you for the full duration of your coaching program.

You are limited to one round of revisions as long as it’s within the revision period (48 hours after receiving the marketing kit email).

Revision requests are added back to the marketing kit queue so anywhere between 5 - 7 business days.

Website FAQ

Sure! Send us an email with any change requests you would like (text / word changes only)

You get one year of hosting and domain services on your website. For a minimal fee you can renew your site once we hand it off to you at 12 months, but there is no obligation to renew.

Email FAQ

Leads FAQ

You can see the US Cities report here.

If you have requested leads from a location that is a Red Zone, you will be provided leads in the nearest Non Red zone within 2 hours of your area.

Expect your leads to arrive via email by around week 3 of joining the coaching program. This will ensure that you have had time to go through the trainings.

Nope. Since we have to market in your specific area, it takes time for the leads to come through, which is great! That gives you time to work on each one (and get good at finding leads on your own as well). Generally, all of your leads will be delivered within 60-90 days.

Custom Domain

This section is only for those who own a domain and wish to use it with their custom site.

We will not be able to start on your website until we know that you have updated your DNS settings.

To ensure minimal delays with the creation of your marketing kit, it is important that you complete the following steps as soon as possible:

Step 1: 

Navigate to your domain’s DNS settings and add the following values:

CNAME = flash.funnels.msgsndr.com


Nameserver Method:

(This method currently does not work for domains owned through Wix, proceed to method B instead)

Change your nameservers to these:


Pointing Method:

Reach out to us as soon as you can and mention that you need the unique values for the "Pointing Method" (don't forget to include the name of the domain that you own).

We will give you settings which are unique to your own site and you will have to update your domain DNS records with the values we give you.

Step 2: 

Email us at fulfillment@bnbformula.com

Once you have completed the step, send us an email and let us know that you’ve completed it.

We will not be able to start on your website until we know that you have updated your DNS settings.

If you’re unsure how to handle all of this, email us at fulfillment@bnbformula.com

We need access to the following:

* (when we log in, we need you to provide us with the verification code to access the account which expires in 30 minutes)