“Within the first month BNB Formula has changed our lives completely…They can color me gone from work. It’s exciting!”


Raleigh, NC

Has four properties and is now about to take on 4 additional listings for a total of 8 listings!

Dr. Cindy T

Pensacola, FL

Experienced host who realized she needed to grow her business. With BNB Formula, she no longer has to worry about working.


Austin, TX

“Anyone that wants to do this course, just do it! Even if you are a host, if you are a superhost… I love Brian’s genuine passion for his students and he really does care.”



Carrie will soon have her sixth listing online since joining! She is now expanding into new markets.


Raleigh, NC

“That’s been the biggest plus of going through this program…is the amount of time I’m able to spend with my family…”


Morristown, NJ

“With BnB Formula I’ve short term rented an entire house. I am already seeing great results within the first month!”



“In my first month I was able to aquire 18 units…with the BNB Formula I can see a clear path ahead that will allow us to make our dreams a reality.”


Biloxi, MS

“The course paid for itself within the first month. The tips I learned from the BNB Formula allowed me to launch a successful business – all from the Arctic circle!!”


Lake Tahoe, CA

Todd has FOUR listings, and is seeing the cash rolling in. He says, “Brian’s the real deal, BNB Formula is the real deal.

Todd M

Richmond, VA

“I got an owner in London to give me 4 of his units to use for this so I’m very happy about that…life is sweeter thanks to BNB Formula and Brian.”


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Joe has more than made back from his investment in the program within the first month and is continuously seeing an increase in just three short months.


Arvada, CO

“As a working mom my time is really precious and this has given me a way to spend time with my family, work on my real estate and have income on the side.”

Danielle R

Los Angeles, CA

On his first listing, he got 100% occupancy. He now has SIX units and plans to have 20 by the end of the year.

Shehab H

Dallas, TX

Kan has seven listings and is adding 2-3 per month to his collection.


Fort Worth, TX

Watch Luis give a tour of his first listing! (He did it in a non-touristy “blue collar” area)


Houston, TX

Got her first listings in less than two weeks of joining. Has 100% of her nights booked for the first month.


Melbourne, AUS

Landed FIVE listings, became a superhost in 90 days, and loves hearing her phone “bing” when new bookings come in each day.


Asheville, NC

“It’s a great business, it’s pretty much hands off.”


Brookings, OR

“I have six active units, and I don’t work 9-5. And I’m living the life I always dreamed of.”


Pittsburgh, PA

“We’re so grateful Brian, for your program and your training.”


Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Learning an industry that has unlimited potential.”


Tampa, FL

“As we say in the south, I’m happy as peach pie.”


Atlanta, GA

While he was traveling for the first time trying out online rentals, got this first bookings on his own spare room, back home.


Eugene, OR

“The course is great… I think the sky is the limit… I encourage people to do this.”

Joe A

Suffolk, VA

“Three days after I hit the streets I had my first unit, a furnished condo… It’s gonna change my financial future and the future of my family.”


Tucson, AZ

“Turned her properties into a success and is now using other people’s properties to add to her 3 listings. She plans to retire in 2 years using the BNB Formula.”


Pittsburgh PA

“Never thought he could escape the rat race. Now has multiple listings and is free of the grind.”

Isaac G

“You’ll make your money back right away. We’re already seeing that even within the first month you can get your money back from the course.”

Michael and Katrina

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“I like businesses that operate with or without me. It’s fun to look on the computer and see there’s another booking and how much success has come in.”


South Asheville, North Carolina

“The system works, there’s no doubt about it….You have such a great delivery, you have such a wonderful way of teaching. Anybody with no knowledge at all can just take it step by step.”

Linda W

Wellington, FL

“I got injured recently… and if I had a regular job I would have really been in trouble. I’m able to run this thing from my home and that’s the wonderful beauty of the freedom this can give you.”

Andee H

Memphis, AL

“All the steps are laid out there….Brian starts with a vision. It can get to a point where I could spend a lot less time managing it and not owning the property.”


Boston, MA

“This is a great business, even for retired people… our goal is to have at least 3 (properties) by the end of 2018.”

Teresa L

Tulsa, OK

“There’s a lot of opportunity here…I’m super grateful for the BNB Formula to make it super simple and easy.”

Josh C

“It has really allowed me to supplement my income from my current job so eventually I’ll be free.”


Phoenix, AZ

“I’m proud to say after 1 year of being involved in the BNB Formula course, I have in that time walked away from my job in corporate America. I have not had to take another job to support my family.”


Dallas, TX

“I feel that I’ve got a steady financial future…I see being able to continue and keep this cash flow going for a long time.”


Orange County, CA

“We know that there’s a lot of money to be made….excited to be around people who are thinking outside the box.”


Colorado Springs, CO

“With Brian’s formula he puts everything in place to be successful….I see this growing into…10, 20, 30 even more properties.”


San Fransicso, CA

“I love the idea of building some residual recurring income that can be generated from anywhere in the world without me necessarily having to be there.”

Tyson Z

Jackson, MO

“Everything is broken down into step by step by step and all you have to do is literally just follow it.”


Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much for this chance to create a cash flow machine that can truly change lives.”


Chattanooga, TN

“It didn’t take a lot of money to get into and you can scale really quickly… I had my first house in just a little over a month.”


Springfield, MO

“The unlimited potential keeps me awake honestly sometimes at night…it’s been an amazing ride…I would encourage you to give it a try.”


Sarasota, FL

Turned his investment properties into BNBs just as Brian teaches and is now adding properties owned by others.

Karl G

Olympia, WA

“Our first month we’ve been 100% booked…. its an excellent program, you’ll learn a ton and you’ll make money. It’s your best money spent.”


Medford, OR

“It’s only been a month…I’ve already I’ve gotten a ton of value out of the course.”

Michael C

Gilbert, AZ

“Many times you may think, ‘Oh, I need to go get another job’…but with BNB Formula, we can still be able to focus on our family…and bring in supplemental income at the same time.”

Sean & Stacy

Valparaiso, IN

“It is definitely something I would invest in again and again…I took down my first property 30 days ago….I’m hoping to take down 1 or 2 more before the months out. It’s worth every penny if not more.”

Ed L

San Antonio, TX

“This is a big hats off to Brian and all the folks at BNB Formula….for really lighting up a path for me to take my business to its next iteration.”


Manitou Springs, CO

Jeff is in the military and gets out in a year. Thanks to BNB Formula, he knows how he is going to provide while he transitions back into civilian life.

Jeff M

Clarksville, TN

A mother of FIVE who is able to do this in her spare time and says she “still has time for it – if I can do it, you can do it.


San Francisco, CA

“Brian this is a great program! This has just been a lifesaver for me.”


Atlanta, GA

Ben talked to an owner who had just evicted someone and was thrilled to let him use his property for short term renting.


Wilmington, NC

An experienced real estate investor who deicided to try the NEW way to do real estate.


Franklinton, NC

“I got my first listing…knew then this was really going to work. I would definitely recommend this program, it’s awesome.”


An experienced host who was struggling. She has now freed up her time using the BNB Formula so she can scale her business.

Ashley L

Scottsdale, AZ

“This is the best decision that I had ever made in my life….we are at 97% occupancy which is crazy.”


Tampa, FL

Her first property was a 6 bed 4 bath house she got in scottsdale and says it has “completely changed my life.”

Carla L

San Jose, CA

“I would like to say thank you to everybody at BNB Formula….I can see that our life is going to change probably quite dramatically.”


Stone Ridge, NY

“On my first try when I contacted an owner through Craiglsist to get my first unit right off the bat…I’ve since picked up two additional units.”


Chicago, IL

This is the best idea I’ve ever heard when it comes to real estate. I love that there’s step by step guidance…Brian’s full blueprint for everything. This is a great investment.”

Bonnie B

Denver, CO

A corporate event manager who wanted to be her own boss.

Jennifer D

Fremont, CA

We cannot believe the results made in one month from just one 2 bedroom apartment.


Ottawa Ontario, CA

“It (BNB Formula) had every tool I would need to be successful with online listings. It was like opening a treasure chest.”


Chicago, IL

“Multiple large financial sums deposited into my account due to my properties just basically paying off…My family they see me in a new light. I have more family time to spend with them.”

Jared M

Jamestown, IN

“The BNB Formula is a phenomenal course.”


Milwaukee, WI

“It was very easy to get started… within a month and a half I was a superhost. I have one listing now and plan to have four more.”


Woodbridge, VA

“We signed up for a 3 bedroom apartment and are shocked with the results. I’d recommend it (BNB Formula) to anyone.”


Queensland, AUS

“For those people who may be hesitating..I just say go do it.”


Washington, DC

Used 6 of his own properties and 4 that belong to others.

Steve S

San Antonio, TX

Has 10 listings and says that the formula gave her the ability to do this.


Chicago, IL

Watch as David gives you a tour of his third row beachouse he rented and listed online! He now has THREE listings!

David E

Hilton Head, SC

“This is really real, there are no gimmicks. If you follow the steps and you apply yourself you will see success.”

Jaquelyn E

Houston, TX

Both Greg’s son and his daughter in law were able to quit thier jobs after getting thier own BNB business started.


Bowling Green, KY

Steve replaced his income from work with just 2 listings and has now been able to quit his job.


Minneapolis, MN

The first owner he spoke with let him list online. Best part is, he gets to “vacation” in his own listing!


Houston, TX

“It’s just been just a little over 2 months since I had signed up for the BNB Formula and I am amazed by the results I have already made.”


BC, Canada