Jamie is using the BNB Formula to continously improve her existing property.


Rhinelander, WI.

Barbara is planning to decorate her properties with collected pieces as she moves through the BNB Formula.


Santa Rosa, CA

Sheila has been able to rent the basement of her property after the BNB Formula gave her the tools she needed.


Colorado Springs, Co

After decades of long term renting experience, DeVere is using the BNB Formula to understand how short term rentals without property ownership work.

DeVere B

Cedarville, WA

“By using Brian’s principles, you can build an online business that provides a great return on investment.”


Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Gary is excited to eventually have listings after the BNB Formula.


Atlants, GA

Alex was inspired by a friend to look into AirBnB and the BNB Formula.


Cedarville, WA

“It opened up another market for me, other than the local renter.”


Fresno, California

“I’m working my vision to make sure I use Brian Page’s BNB Formula to its fullest.”

Joel G

San Jose CA

Shone had bookings almost every night and tons of positive views after going through the BNB Formula.


Boston, MA

Entrepreneur Pei Hsien has found new opportunity with the BNB Formula.

Pei Hsien

Los Altos, California

Kathleen is very excited for what the BNB Formula can bring her.

Kathleen B

Denver, CO

Kevin tells everyone he knows with rental properties to purchase the BNB Formula.


Folsom, California

Ray found it interesting how The BNB Formula could give him a new avenue for investments.


San Antonio, TX.

Dino knew about AirBnB, but wasn’t sure on how to run a business with it until the BNB Formula.


Mcdonough Georgia

Max feels that anyone who follows the BNB Formula can find real success.


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Luis was surprised with how detailed the information in the BNB Formula was, and how much his confidence has increased.

Luis R

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Don plans on having half of his home be an AirBnb as he lives in the other half.


Edmonds, Washington

The BNB Formula is giving Eric an opportunity that he can involve family in.

Eric J

St Paul Minnesota

Gordon is finding property owners to work with him along the BNB Formula.


Jennifer needed a business where she could run it on her spare time.


Denver, CO

Irene needed a way to provide as she was transitioning between jobs.


Seattle, WA

Marylou has enjoyed her own AirBnB stays, and is excited to combine her real estate experience with the BNB Formula to run her own business.


Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Todd Lee has recieved countless bookings after following the BNB Formula.

Todd Lee

Atlanta GA

“The BNB Formula has given me a level of expertise.”

Crystal hopes the BNB Formula will allow her to support herself as a newly single mother.


Colorado Springs, Co

Betty knows she will be successful because of the great training she has recieved through the BNB Formula.


Paul is currently searching for the right rental properties to start his business.

Paul L

Jerome is building up his confidence as he moves forward towards his future AirBnB business.


Seattle, WA

Martha is using the BNB Formula to help her transition into real estate as a career path.


Las Vegas, NV

Pauline got her first AirBnB a few months ago and has enjoyed the experience.


“We were looking for something that had some growth potential, but also not a lot of time in the future… we didn’t want to have it take away more and more of our time.”


Atlanta, GA

Jake stays in AirBnBs often, so he was inspired to become a provider of accomodation for other travelers.


St Louis, MO

After renovating her upstairs, Suzan now has her first tenant and results!

Suzan C

San Pedro (the Port of Los Angeles, California)

Wendy was looking to see benefits and to have properties in multiple locations.


New Zealand

“One of my big wins was when it worked, when other people told me it wouldn’t work. It was rented at least 20 to 25 nights per month.”


Des Moines Iowa

Dave is searching for the right property to list as he works through the BNB Formula course.


Highlands Ranch, Colorado

“If I can be a success, so can you. This is something I think that everyone wants to take a look at and look into.”


Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

Ronald has experience flipping houses and is now using the BNB Formula to achieve his goals.


Canandaigua, NY

“Without your course, I do not know where I would be right now. We look to have ten AirBnB properties by the end of this year.”

Andrew M

Atlanta GA