An experienced investor who decided to try short term rentals. He is thrilled with the results using the BNB Formula.


Columbus, OH

“The BNB Formula has been tremendous for my family. The ability to have a second place and have it be beneficial is amazing!”


Sugar Hill, GA

Her first listing was so successful she quickly found two more! She was able to go to part time at her job, due to her growing BNB business. She says, “Brian is the real deal!”


Perth Western, AUS

George was already an Airbnb host who was not succeeding with his listing. Once he joined the BNB Formula, he was able to turn it around and see fabulous results on one unit within the first year.


Perth Western, AUS

Alex got his first listing and is now pumped to get more.


Chicago, IL

“I had my doubts about it but when I started they just went away…now I have 3 properties!”


Whittier, California

Todd is a nationally recognized real estate expert who has done many courses and calls BNB Formula “revolutionary”.

Todd S

“I can’t thank you enough (Brian), you have changed everything….Thank you thank you thank you!”

Michael H

Seoul, South Korea

An attorney and real estate broker who decided to try BNB Formula. Looking to get 5 units within the next few months.

Richard H

Albuquerque, NM

Took property and more than doubled the success in one year, all thanks to the BNB Formula.


Karen is now expanding her business.  She says, “I can’t recommend enough that you sign up for this, you will see results right away.”

Karen L

Austin, TX

Matteo quit his corporate job and now only works 20 hours a week to manage all of his listings. He says joining BNB Formula was “the best choice we ever made.”


London, England

“Anybody who is listening to me, I can definitely say your course is the best out there.”


Vancouver, Canada

“I’m so glad that Brian has this program available to us… it has been a big deal to us…Brian, thank you so much, we really appreciate your help!”


Cary, NC

“I have 5 BNB properties….I started the program about 90 days ago and rented my first 2 properties in the first 10 days. I’m living proof that it works.”

Steve R

Old Town, FL

“I got my first property at about the third week. I knew I had finally succeeded when I got my third property. I love the BNB Formula and I’m very grateful for Brian Page.”


Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“I have my first house…and just a week from today I list it on Airbnb.”

Steve W

Riverside County, CA

“I enjoy the freedom that I’m getting from my properties….Thank you Brian Page.”

John B

Chicago, IL

8 months in and now she has now retired her husband and is adding her third listing!


Brad met someone who had over 12 listings on Airbnb, and found out they were also a BNB Formula member! Now he’s got his own BNBs launched and is excited about what it means for his family.


Dallas, TX

“Brian’s program is amazing…I love that it’s genuine…he continually keeps us updated. I love the detail of the program.”


Las Vegas, NV

“When our property immediately was booked for 4 months straight after only being posted for a couple of weeks, we knew that it was going to be a success.”

Hope A

Lufkin, TX

“Your course is actually the real deal….Our goal is to have 24 units over the next two years.”


Indianapolis, IN

“When I signed that first rental agreement, I got really excited…we’re going to have enough money to retire on.”


San Diego, CA

Todd joined BNB Formula and is now up to his 7th listing. “It’s a business that has just brought incredible joy and satisfaction to us.”


Provo, UT

“It’s nice knowing that you can wake up in the morning and be successful, just because you’re living.  Great results in three months, it’s phenomenal.”


Forth Worth, TX

An experienced investor says, “Just do what Brian has laid out and you will be successful.”

Jack M

Dallas, TX

A semi-retired veterinarian who decided to give BNB Formula a shot. Just landed his first listing in Houston with more on the way.

Dr. Ron H

Houston, TX

Mark got his first 2 furnished listings within 6 weeks of joining. He says he only spends 1-2 hours a week to run them!


Cary. NC

“I’ve only been active for two weeks now and I have 3 properties just signed up….I can create the life I’ve always wanted.”


Boulder, CO

He says most courses are just “fluff” and don’t get down to the nitty gritty and the how-to’s, but that this course is the exact opposite.



“BNB Formula really does work and I encourage you guys to give it a shot.”

Gary F

Minneapolis, MN

Took rentals he owns and says the success is “astronomical” compared to traditional real estate.


Miami, FL

Out of 4 furnished rentals that he looked at, 3 of the owers said yes! He started with one and it’s profitable.


Los Angeles, CA

“Best choice I’ve ever spent on a course, hands down….we just put our third property live, allowing us to walk away from our 9-5 jobs.”


Asheville, NC

She has seen success taking her rentals from long term to short term on Airbnb using The BNB Formula.

Cheryl R

Attleboro, MA

“It (BNB Formula) has everything in it you could possibly need to be successful…it’s fantastic, I recommend it to anybody.”


Boca Raton, FL

“It (BNB Formula) has everything in it you could possibly need to be successful…it’s fantastic, I recommend it to anybody.”

Ken H and Aeric K

Elk Grove, CA

“The first time I saw this video I said this is for me….now I have a property to rent and soon I’ll have some more.”


Atlanta, GA

A father son team who launched a BNB venture together. They love to be able to work in a business they both enjoy.

David M & Evan M

Cranberry Township, PA

“I don’t have to punch a clock, and my time is my own and I can do what I want….spend quality time with family and friends.”

Faye & Tony

Merritt Island, FL

A stay at home mom of three kids who says nothing she ever found worked for her…until she found BNB Formula.


Wausau, WI

“What we have generated in two months is better than ever before and it’s all thanks to the BNB Formula.”

Matt L

Tehachapi, CA & OR

“I already have two listings, and it is giving me more time with my baby…I’m not missing out on anything…”


Boca Raton, FL

“Instead of being someone else’s employee we are now our own entrepreneurs.”

Steven & Nora

West Palm Beach, FL

“We have got two units right now and it’s so exciting… I want to personally thank you and The BNB Formula.”

Anthony P

New Jersey

“The fact that I was able to start a business from scratch by myself…I’m so excited about that. That’s my big win.”


Gaithersburg, MA

“If you’re on the fence about this, trust me, just do it.”


Fort Smith, AK

Tripp sent in a video from inside one of his THREE listings. He is making more with short term versus long term rentals.


Memphis, TN

At over 80 years old, Wallace is now a BNBer along with his grandson. He is an experienced investor who is converting his long term rentals into BNBs.


Cocoa, FL