William says he is seeing greater success with BNBs when compared to using long term rentals.


Atlanta, GA

Kia landed a killer listing near the Atlanta airport nad now looks forward to getting her next listing.

Kia D

Atlanta, GA

A new father who is having fabulous results in one month with only two listings!

Andrew B

Only having two listings as a new father, Blake, is already seeing tremendous success.

Blake R

Newport Beach, CA

In the three months after he started using the course, he doubled the bookings on his existing listing.


Williamsburg, VA

About joining the course: “It’s a small investment with massive returns….don’t hestitate, do it, it’s absolutely worthwhile every single cent, every single minute you spend on it.”


Cape Town, South Africa

Jay is a current landlord who’s converting his long term rentals to short term BNBs and says the course is “well worth the investment.”


Battle Ground, WA

“If you’re doing it on your own, you could spend a ton of time and effort getting it done…if this is something that you’re interested in, I’d certainly recommend getting into it.”


Rexford, New York

“I highly recommend the BNB Formula it really is everything you hope it would be.”


Phoenix, AZ

Salim got his first listing within 10 days of joining the program and is already seeing results having that single property.


Sacramento, CA

Not only has Marcus been able to get multiple listings within 45 days, he also gets to vacation in his units with his family when they’re not occupied.


Thousand Oaks, CA

Got her first listing from a friend, found a second unit from a guy in line at Home Depot, and is now on her way to finding even more listings! She says she can now retire due to her BNBs.


Phoenix, AZ

“Whether you’re already in real estate, whether you’re a property owner….or just trying to set up your future, this is for you.”


Denver, CO

Says he couldn’t believe he was able to have his listings on “autopilot” while overseas on vacation.


San Francisco, CA

Elizabeth has FIVE listings since joining and is still adding more. She says the program helped her “cut the learning curve” and highly recommends it to others.


Marysville, WA

Cheryl used a friend’s property as her first listing, and saw great results in her first month. She says, “Thank you, Brian, for changing my life!”


Antonio, TX

“I was amazed at my success in the first six weeks.”

Danielle R

Duran, MI

Just got her first listing and is excited to already see her investment excel.


San Francisco Bay

Elita said she had a 9-5 job and no freedom. She says now she has the freedom and time to travel thanks to her BNB business.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Took his current properties and generated results by turning them into BNBs.

Gabe P

“My life now is less stressful…and I feel like I’m just getting started.”


Saint Paul, Minnesota

A father of 7 who wanted more flexibility and room for growth than his 9-5 job could give him. Working part time, he now has 3 listings and says every month it gets better.


Watertown, NY

A real estate agent who was tired of inconsistency, now has five units on Airbnb with over 90% occupancy and successful bookings.


Wheeling, WV

“Over the course of six months, we are superhosts, we’ve had over 100 stays across 3 properties and fabulous success withAirbnb.”

Emily & Jason

Oklahoma City, OK

A property owner actually approched him with her property. After listing it on Airbnb, he’s now happy to be successful utilizing a property he doesn’t own.


Pittsburgh, PA

“We are generating wonderful success….Brian, thank you so much again for your program.”


Redding, CA

Two pharmacists who were working full time and are both now RETIRED after joining the BNB Formula!

Jeff B

Sebastian, FL

Within a month of joining, Antonio had bookings. He is now a Superhost with a 5-Star rating average.


Austin, TX

“We’ve seen amazing results since going live…” Patricia has already got several Airbnb listings after joining the BNB Formula.


Tampa Bay, FL

“If you’re on the fence I would highly encourage you to go ahead because I think this will make a big difference for your life.”



“It was the best decision I ever made. Within two weeks I had bookings. It’s my own business, it’s awesome.”


Kissimmee, FL

Lesley was planning to purchase a property to put on Airbnb…until she found the BNB Formula. She is thrilled to be able to quit her job soon due to her growing BNB business.


Jackson, MI

Turned rooms in a friend’s house into a success for themselves. They say, “We love the program!”

Tom C & Arlette

Palm Springs, CA

She is seeing results with just a room in her house! She can now take a dream vacation with her family because of The BNB Formula.


Temple Hills, MD

She found BNB Formula and fell in love with it. For those considering joining in her own words, “I say just go for it and don’t ever look back.”


Fairfield, TX

“Anybody else out there who’s thinking about doing it you know, don’t wait, you can do it, we did it.”


Hayward, CA

Valeri says the course is “no fluff” with “actionable steps”. She got two units from one owner. She says, “Don’t doubt, take action, the course is worth it.”

Valerie T

Cherry Hill, NJ

In first six months of being a BNB Formula member, Jay got three apartments listed on Airbnb. He’s very happy that he joined and found this course.



Within a month of joining the program he found his first listing!


Edison, NJ

Got his first property after only 3 days using the BNB Formula. He’s now making this his full time gig.


Walhalla, SC

After finding himself unemployed, he went on to find FIVE properties using the BNB Formula. “I recommend the course to anyone…because it works.”


Quebec, Canada

“I’m having the success I’ve always dreamed of every month. I would highly recommend the BNB Formula. Start seeing results today.”

Anthony J

Atlanta, GA

Carolina was working full time at a job that wasn’t fulfilling. She found BNBF, went for it and is now signing her first property next week.


Oakland, CA

“Within 48 hours…I had two bookings which actually superseded my investment in the course.”


Severn, MD

“Within 30 days I saw results…it just continues to pick up momentum.”

Theresa E

Boise, ID

“I was just extremely in awe when I bought the program…it has changed my life as a whole, not just financially….to me that’s priceless.”


Irvine, CA

“I’m just excited about this opportunity….thank you so much Brian for creating this program.”


Denver, CO

Janice is retired from Ford after 30 years. She needed stability but did not another job so she joined BNB Formula. She now has two units and is growing her business every day.


Ann Arbor, MI

A struggling RE wholesaler who was looking for time freedom. He now has SIX Airbnb listings. Joey says, “without a doubt this has changed my life for the better.”

Joey S

Columbus, GA

“I have a vacation now thanks to the BNB Formula…I definitely recommend it. Out of a 10, it’s a 12!”


El Paso, TX

John has three Airbnb listings since he joined the program. He’s now a superhost and has partnered with his wife.


A real estate flipper who within 4 months of joining now has multiple Airbnb listings.


Colorado Springs, CO

Dave saw success within the first month on his listing.  He is now looking to add 6-7 more listings to be able to retire.  He says, “This is a fantastic business opportunity.”


Orange County, FL

“I think it’s a fantastic program….and Brian, I just really want to say thank you, thank you for putting this together.”


Auckland, New Zealand

Greg is a Marine who was skeptical that the BNB Formula would work. He is now running his first listing (while still on deployment) and is ready to scale his business when he returns home.


San Diago, CA

“We don’t have to work quite as much…it’s well worth the time and investment to buy BNB Formula.”

Michael J

Tulsa, OK

Doug has a great job but was looking for more freedom and control in his life.


Colorado Springs, CO