Former teacher, realtor, consultant, and finance person Jubilee recognizes the benefit of a developed system like the BNB Formula.

Jubilee John

Retired math teacher Tom has owned and managed real estate before, and he’s excited for the promising math behind the BNB Formula.

Tom H

Orrville, OH

“The BNB Formula has got me on the road to get this thing started.”

Cynthia R

Chicago, IL

Sherry and Daryl are using the BNB Formula to learn how to support themselves and leave their grandson a real estate portfolio.

Sherry and Daryl

Jacksonville, FL

“I was looking for more freedom, more time, more availability of my schedule so I could give back to others.”


Barrington, IL

“Now we have the opportunity to build a business…we got a yes from a landlord!”

Christian M & Natasha R

Temple City, CA
Tookie’s short term rental does really well and gets great reviews- 2.5 acres across from the Clemson hangar.


South Carolina
“As a teacher, I don’t get very much in terms of salary. To be able to increase my intake was what I was looking for. It’s given me another avenue to continue my real estate investment.”

Sharon G

Waverly Hall, GA
“I’m a real estate investor… I knew that I had to have this as part of my investing strategy.”


Fort Mill, SC
“I have a much better outlook and confidence moving forward in following my plans for home share.”


Christian looks to the BNB Formula to build an on-going stream for himself and the future.


“I knew I had succeeded after my first guest!”

Will W

Fort Collins, CA
Scott’s sister has been doubling and tripling her rent each month, so he has looked to the BNB Formula to find success himself.

Scott C

Calistoga, CA
“The fact that I could ultimately get back more of my time as I create a system for generating success is exciting to me.”


Seattle, WA
After flipping homes and leasing properties, the BNB Formula, is Kris’ way of building towards retirement.


Los, Angeles
Marcos was a full time real estate investor and is looking to add the BNB Formula into his work.

Marcos M

Denver, CO
Angela wants to focus on family before retirement and has decided the BNB Formula is a practical way to increase her real estate portfolio.

Angela A

San Diego, CA
“We finally knew that this would work when we were totally filled through the winter time…”

Paul & Becky

Cincinnati, OH
Kyle’s entrepreneurial group used the BNB Formula to start their next venture.


Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Stacy has an Airbnb in her own home and is using the BNB Formula to guide her moving forward.


Gilbert, AZ
Roger is using the BNB Formula to manage his existing properties and to build up to his retirement.


Cleveland, TN
Greg wanted to build without large investments and liability.

Greg S

Atlanta, GA
Gary was an active real estate investor and got into short term rentals after others did, and is now putting the BNB Formula into effect.


Houston, TX
David owns out of state and international properties and uses the BNB Formula for guidance.


New York
Professional real estate investor, Darrell, decided to use the BNB Formula to generate success.


Livermore, CA
Greg has found confidence in the BNB Formula.


Arlington, TX
After dealing with destructive long term renters, Vicky saw promise in short term renting with the BNB Formula after four bookings in the first two weeks.

Vicky F

Biloxi, MS
After starting a consulting business seven years ago, Sean is building his retirement with The BNB Formula.

Sean C

Murrieta, CA
“I wanted something to be able to transition or diversify… I can run the business from wherever I want to be in the world.”


Houston, TX
Ibn wanted the freedom and flexbility to run a business from home. The BNB Formula gave this new investor the tools he needed.


Brooklyn, NY
After an injury made photography difficult, Derek is using the BNB Formula to find an alternative system of support.


San Diego, CA
Daniel was inspired after hearing his Uber and Lyft customers talk about AirBnB.


Killeen Texas
“I would like to make extra as my current job does not allow for as much opportunity as this.”

Vilma G

William is using the BNB Formula to maintain his standard of living as he plans to retire within the next five years.

William S

Eastpointe, MI
“I felt like I was going nowhere in my regular job… I didn’t have any idea on how to get out of my situation and now I actually have a plan.”

Scott M

Springfield, OR
Ken is using the BNB Formula to build residual income.

Ken P

Houston, TX
Elliot lives in a tourist area and thinks the BNB Formula can give him the tools he needs to profit off of that.


South Lake Tahoe
Chadd tried the BNB Formula to gain success for himself on his own terms in a growing industry.


Atlanta, GA
Existing AirBnB owners Jennifer and her husband are looking to turn their rentals into a business with the BNB Formula.

Jennifer R

Dunedin, FL
Tired of the day in, day out office life, Les, has taken on The BNB Formula to build a lifestyle and retirement to see his grandkids.


Tallahassee, FL
Jeremy wanted to get into real estate without the liability. He knew the BNB Formula would allow him to do exactly that.


Stephenville, TX
Tatiana has found direction with the BNB Formula and has gotten her first “yes” from a landlord.


Newton, NJ
“I’ve spent a lot of money on AirBnBs, I’d really like to see about starting a business of my own.”


Los Angeles, CA
Ruby is using the BNB Formula to have something profitable to do after she retired.


San Leandro, CA
Joseph is using the BNB Formula to be able to leave something for his children in the future.


Westchester County, New York
“I didn’t have a lot to lose but I had a lot to gain. I have a real map for financial freedom.”


North Platte, Maryland
Entrepreneur, Robert, was looking for results. With The BNB Formula he saw clients succeeding with their own properties.


Laguna Niguel, CA
Tired of living paycheck to paycheck, Josh got landlords to say “yes” with techniques learned in the BNB Formula.


Orlando, Florida
“All the hardwork is done for you. You can just come plug into a good system, like with the BNB Formula.”


Peoria, Arizona
15 years of real estate work led Rich to wanting a passive real estate involvement.

Rich D

Lakeville, Minnesota
Priscilla tried many different programs before the BNB Formula and enjoys the information presented in a useful way.


Houston, TX
“I really do think it could change my life.”


Sacremento, CA
Ruby is challenging herself in retirement with the BNB Formula.


San Leandro, CA
“Because [Brian] gives you step by step by step, do this do that, it makes it really simple to get started and grow your business quickly.”


Chicago, IL
Tammy has always wanted to get involved with AirBnB, but wasn’t sure of where to start until she purchased the BNB Formula.


Kansas City, MO
“Before purchasing the BNB Formula course, I was really struggling with how I could support myself and get out of debt.”


Dayton, OH
Ryan had experience with long term rentals, and looked for short term rentals to increase his turnout with The BNB Formula.


Waknut Creek, CA