Dave is closing on his first house that will be a phenomenal investment.


Clearwater, FL

Faisal is using The BNB Formula to build outside of his attorney work.

Faisal P

Houston, Texas

The BNB Formula allows David to keep his property for personal use, but also to create results that were not previously there.


Calistoga, CA

“I had been searching for some type of home-based business to reach the goal of no longer being someone else’s employee.”


Elkhart, Indiana

Sandy has tried numerous programs before finding the BNB Formula.

Sandy S

Salt Lake City, Utah

Stephen has listed his first property after completing the BNB Formula and hopes to find many more.


Tampa, FL

Wayne hopes to increase his success after he completes The BNB Formula.

Wayne P

Linden, Alberta Canada

Ruichard and his business parter are using the BNB Formula to take their futures into their own hands.


Minneapolis, MN

“I wanted to become financially independent. Within two months, I went to three properties and were already meeting my goals.”

Mohammed G

“Before purchasing The BNB Formula, we had very hectic lives, very demanding jobs… We’ll settle down now and generate reliability with very little effort.”

Jason & Shivar

Oxon Hill, Maryland

“My husband was looking for something to do. We needed a home-based business. We are almost ready to start our first listing…”

Linda L

North Bend Ontario

Megan has been struggling and is very excited to pursue her future using The BNB Formula.


Columbus, OH

Matthew had existing investment and rental properties, but is using the BNB Formula to better manage them and seek more success.

Matthew J

West Palm Beach Florida

Debbie and her husband manage rental properties, and are looking to add another investment with The BNB Formula.


Paulsboro, New Jersey

Shawn lost 70 rentals and 20 buildings in the market collapse, but the BNB Formula is giving him a way to get back into it without risk.


Not having to put in a large investment on traditional properties has allowed Zach to start his AirBnB venture.


Denver Colorado

Jasmine knew she could be successful with AirBnB, but wasn’t sure how until she purchased The BNB Formula.


Dallas, TX

Doug wanted to build a new business after selling his old one, and having a mentor made the BNB Formula the right choice.


Savannah, Ga

“With some of the things I’ve looked into with real estate, I’ve been afraid of failure. This is something I thought I could do without being afraid of failure.”


Gatesville, Texas

“The BNB Formula has really changed my life in a positive way… so far, it has been great!”


New York, New York

Donna was unemployed before discovering the BNB Formula.


North Kingstown RI

Dawn was tired of chasing deals and putting in a lot of investments, The BNB Formula allows her to stay in real estate without debt and uncertainty.

Dawn K

Shakopee, Minnesota

Retired, disabled veteran David noticed that there was a lot of opportunity, and that he could find something to do with the BNB Formula.


Augusta, GA

After the BNB Formula gave Liz confidence, she purchased a property that is now 80% booked.


Portland, OR

After being an AirBnB guest herself, Gail is looking into new opportunities with the BNB Formula.


“This is an exciting and viable way for ordinary people like me to make a living.”


Clevelnad, OH

Jonathan is doing research and planning and hopes to have his first property by the end of the year.


Dacula, GA

Aaron sees realistic opportunities with the BNB Formula and is commited to the program.


Portland, OR

“We needed assistance, and we decided to give The BNB Formula a try.”


Bryan, Texas

“I have recently come across a great opportunity with Brian’s AirBnB course.”


Eureka, Missouri

“This has really helped me come out of the shell that I’ve been stuck in for a very long time.”

Steve M

Austin, TX

Full time investors Steve and Karen are looking to find a new venture with the BNB Formula, with a rental property being converted to an AirBnB.

Steve & Karen C

Phoenix Arizona

“Berore taking Brian’s course, AirBnB investing was a mystery.”


Chicago, IL

The BNB Formula has given Lauri all the information she needs to soon launch her first listing.


Toronto, Ontatio, CA

“The costs were low and inexpensive, relatively compared to other strategies.”


New Jersey

Luis has secured his first property after the BNB Formula gave him the tools he needed.


New York, New York

“It’s nice, but the best thing is that if you’re meeting some of the people that come into your rentals, then you’re meeting some really cool and nice people.”


“I learned a lot about the AirBnB business, and I highly reccomend it.”


Los Angeles, California

“I am having great success renting different combinations of this property.”


Joe is excited for new opportunities and his family is excited to become involved as well.


Jonesboro, AK

Glenn is looking for potential properties and helping his family to become involved in the business.


Odenton, Maryland

“This has so much value, you really have to pay attention to it. It has given me hope for the future.”


Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Roscoe is familar with the basics, but the BNB Formula is giving him the further education needed.


Chicago, IL

Only two days in, Rick has multiple properties he is hoping to soon close on.


Phoenix Arizona

After always dreaming of being involved with AirBnB, Sabrina is now seeing fabulous value every month.


Recently retired, Sharon is looking at AirBnB to rent extra rooms.



“It is the wave of the future, being able to run your own business is what appeals to me the most.”

Steve S

Lantana Fl

Phil is stuck in a job he hates, but hopes to get out of it with help from the BNB Formula.


Southport, NC

Keith is using the BNB Formula to manage his five apartment building, and is hoping to get into rent-to-rent with AirBnB soon.

Keith H

Staunton Virginia

Amy is using what she has learned from the BNB Formula to build her AirBnB business, and has already had a number of bookings.


Birmingham AL

Anthony is looking for a way out of his stressful 9 to 5 job.

Anthony F

High Point, NC

Anoushiravan has seen wonderful results in three months using The BNB Formula.


Los Angeles, CA

Andrew has real estate experience, and together with the BNB Formula he is looking at new opportunities.


Toronto, Ontario

Arsenio felt that his existing jobs weren’t as fulfilling as utilizing AirBnB as taught in The BNB Formula.


Washington DC/Dallas TX

“The BNB Formula gives me the confidence that I can do this.”


Lakeland, FL

Clint hasn’t been able to work due to illness, but The BNB Formula is giving him hope for a successful future.



Cheyne is looking forward to applying what he has learned after his family has grown.


“As a property owner, I was looking for ways to generate more results with rentals.”


Cory found success with his existing AirBnB property, and hopes to expand with the BNB Formula.

Cory M

Brownfield, Maine

AirBnb, with the BNB Formula, allows Craig to become involved in real estate without the cost or responsibility of owning property.

Craig P

Metamora, Michigan

Donna and her family hope to have their first property secured in the next few months.


Already nicknamed the “AirBnB Lady”, Carmen is building her AirBnB business with the BNB Formula.


St. Paul Minnesota

Dave is half way through the course and is starting to look at potential properties.

Dave B

Centennial, Colorado