Richard wanted to start a business that didn’t require a lot of upfront investment, but that would have a high return.


Los Angeles, CA

Michael is searching for opportunities to start his AirBnB business.

Michael D

Charlotte, NC

Only one month after buying the BNB Formula course, Steve already has his first place and first booking.


Philadelphia, PA

Edward has increased his success with renting rooms after following the BNB Formula.


Devon, PA

After staying in other people’s AirBnBs, Linda wanted to get in on the business side.


Natchez, Mississippi

Three weeks after Kyle and Lisa started looking, they have secured their first listing.

Kyle & Lisa R

Boise, Idaho

Real estate investing group member Arlene is using the BNB Formula to transition to a new form of involvement.


Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“I know I would not have stepped into the short term rental pool without this coaching.”


Winston-Salem, North Carolina

After completing the BNB Formula modules, Debbie is starting her property search.


Raleigh, NC

Dennis is using the BNB Formula to get into real estate without the challenges associated with a high price area.

Dennis B

California Bay Area

Alex knew some basics about real estate, but the BNB Formula is giving him additional tools and experience.

Alex R

Chicago, IL

“I came across the course in my search for a way to achieve personal financial freedom.”


Hoboken, NJ

“I feel very confident that this will be a big success for me.”


Long Island, New York

“It really blew my mind and it was the perfect model for me to follow.”

Edwin R

Puerto Rico

“I’ve long wanted to buy properties in my favorite cities and use them for short term vacation rentals.”


Jersey City

Rick is combining his existing experience with what he has learned with the BNB Formula.

Rick G

Camas, Washington

The BNB Formula allows Daniel to have more freedom than in other ventures.


Knoxville, TN

Devison is renting his own AirBnB and has become a source of knowledge for his peers.

Devison K

Blairsville, GA

Rick is combining his existing experience with what he has learned with the BNB Formula.


Fort Worth Texas

Sarah wanted to become involved in real estate and the BNB Formula

Sarah F


Karen is seeking the freedom associated with AirBnB business success.


Harrisburg, PA

Jonathan’s 9 to 5 job wasn’t giving him the freedom he wanted, so he purchased the BNB Formula.


Los Angeles

Bob is using the BNB Formula for guidance in managing his seasonal rental business.

Bob K

Pulteney, New York

Julia encourages anyone interested to follow the BNB Formula.


Fullerton, CA

Matt was inspired by testimonials to get involved and purchase the BNB Formula,


San Antonio TX

Orlando is using the BNB Formula to move away from the daily grind.

Orlando J

Detroit MI

“Everything about it seemed to make real sense. It seemed like a great idea.”


Oxnard, CA

Phil has achieved Superhost status and is continuing to learn after completing the BNB Formula.

Phil D

Real estate professional Richard is looking for new paths to success with the BNB Formula.

Richard H

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Devlin looked to the BNB Formula after struggling to get results on his own.


Tasmania, Australia

Marvin wanted to start a business where he wasn’t required to purchase property upfront.

Marvin B

Dallas, TX

Real estate investor Ronald is excited to involve his family in his AirBnB business.

Ronald H

Las Vegas, NV

Richard wanted to try short term rentals after having experience renting properties long term.


San Antonio, Texas

“My confidence level has gone way up as a result of having access to the BNB Formula.”


Chapel Hill, NC

Working 60 hours a week and having a side company inspired Chuck to purchase the BNB Formula.

Chuck B

Cincinnati, OH

Mathew wanted to do more than just make ends meet, and has signed his first lease after completing the BNB Formula.


Victoria, British Columbia

Philip is using the BNB Formula to generate success.


Frisco, Texas

Shane wanted a real estate investment, but didn’t want to be a landlord.


Mesa, Arizona

Steve thinks the BNB Formula is one of the best ways to get results with minimal risk.


Houston, TX

“I was trying to think about ways on how I can capitalize AirBnB.”

Scott K

Boco Raton FL

“I have a vision of how I want my life to be like. This course has given me a direction of how to achieve that.”

Dalton H

Riverside CA

Rob wants to use other people’s properties to gain success whilst also securing properties of his own.

Rob B

Ann Arbor, MI

BJ Lee wants to succeed from her own efforts, rather than letting someone else capatlize on them.

BJ Lee

Snohomish, Washington

Brad is using the BNB Formula to move into real estate and away from his current accounting career.


Des Moines, Iowa

Alan has set up everything requried and is looking for his first property to rent.


Pensacola, Florida

“I’m really excited to get this additional revenue as it will hopefully free up a lot of time at work.”


San Francisco, CA

Dustin is excited to go through the course and begin to set up everything needed to succeed.


Pittsburgh, PA

“I’m looking for something more fulfilling, and I’d like to spend more time with my family. I hope that I can be able to start the business and pass it down to my sons.”


Las Vegas, NV